Hey folks, Mike here. I have been working to define my style when it comes to family & children portraiture.  My christening photography is very well sort after & now has a very recognisable look & feel.

With both children & family portraiture I never found to really capture who people are in a 30min ‘portrait session’. What I have discovered when working with kids doing portraits at home before their christening, is you need to hang out & discover who they are, build that trust & document who they are ‘in the life’.

So I have been putting together some ideas that I hope you will love. My ‘In the life’ collection will include natural & candid portraits, a beautiful linen bound portrait book, matted & ready to frame prints & digital images. All the elements are Australian designed & crafted.

Most importantly, the session itself is untimed. This gives me the opportunity to capture your family being themselves.

So far the sessions have been amazing, from hanging out together for breakfast, baking cakes, play dates, dancing, building Lego – you name it.


So if this sounds perfect to you – please shoot me an email or call on 0411 056 277 & we can catch up over a coffee & work out what a in the life is for you.


Warning – the next four portraits are very cute. No children or wet wipes were injured in the capturing of this series.

Enjoy, Mike


Mike Constantinou-Jellybeanphotography-J-Family20160207_B1_7349Mike Constantinou-Jellybeanphotography-J-Family20160207_B1_7352Mike Constantinou-Jellybeanphotography-J-Family20160207_B1_7353Mike Constantinou-Jellybeanphotography-J-Family20160207_B1_7354

I like to think of this series being called, no spoons allowed… or when mummy isn’t watching.