During this unprecedented time, we need to plan to protect our families, friends and fellow Australians. My highest priority is to endure the health and safety of my clients and myself (as a sole operator). This COVID-Safe Plan will be updated regularly and in accordance with current restrictions and public health advice changes.

Christening photography in Australia (and Victoria) remains operational where possible under strict Covid restrictions.

Business Name: Jelly Bean Photography

ABN: 57 071 041 223

Plan completed by: Mike Constantinou

Last Updated: 26th February 2021

Please check back here for the latest information and stay up to date with restrictions and public health advice at

Following the guidelines issued by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and updates my COVID Safe Plan to reflect any changes to those guidelines. If you have any questions about my plan, please get in touch.

This plan applies to in-home photography, church christening services and outdoor photography, where (I) the photographer will only visit one home, one church and one reception for a single client on a given day. The photographer may not have any other visitors to their own home. This covid safe plan will be also in effect whilst contracting to another photography studio.

Ensure Physical Distancing

  • Both the client and the photographer must remain a minimum of 1.5 m from each other at all times
  • Only members of the same household can be photographed together indoors with a maximum of 10 people outside
  • All meetings with clients will be held via phone or videoconference, wherever possible
  • I will stay at least 1.5m away from the client(s) during the photoshoot
  • Outdoor photography shoots will be limited to gathering limits as per current DHHS guidelines
  • Christenings (counted as Wedding photography) will be limited as per the current DHHS guidelines (See
  • Outdoor photography locations will be selected to maximise physical distancing from other people
  • All transactional activity will be undertaken online where practical (invoicing / contract signing etc)

Wear a Face Covering

  • I will wear a mask throughout the photography session, including outdoors where social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Unless a lawful exception applies, all people over the age of 12 will wear a face covering and only remove their face covering for the duration of the photograph.
  • Cloth masks will be washed each day after use and disposable masks will be discarded. However, if during the day the mask is visibly dirty or wet, the mask will be replaced immediately.

Practise Good Hygiene

  • Vigilant hand and cough hygiene will be maintained at all times by both the client and myself
  • I will carry hand sanitiser at all times
  • Clients are not permitted to touch any of my camera equipment
  •  All equipment being used for each session will be cleaned both before and after each session
  • I will no longer be able to take photos for clients using the client’s phone and/or camera

Keep Good Records and Act Quickly if Become Unwell

  • The contact details of all people being photographed during a session will be collected, ideally prior to the session (key contacts, parents and god parents)
  • If either I or the client(s) becomes unwell, we will get in contact to reschedule the session.
    • In the event of a Christening, if I am unwell and unable to photograph on the day, I will seek to find a similarly skilled photographer to take my place. The subsequent editing and delivery of images will still rest with me unless otherwise advised.
  • If I come into contact with someone with COVID-19, I will notify any clients from the previous 14 days and notify WorkSafe immediately on 13 23 60. Likewise, if any clients from a photography session come into contact with a person with COVID 19 within 14 days of a photography shoot, they must inform me
  • Any exposure to a person with coronavirus (COVID-19) will result in the closure of this business until it is declared safe to re-open by the relevant authorities
  • In the event that the client comes into contact with a person with coronavirus (COVID-19), they shall notify the photographer immediately and will not schedule a photography session until they have received a negative test result

Avoid Interactions in Close Spaces

  • Where practical, photos will be taken in open spaces such as the front/backyard
  • For any sessions indoors, ventilation will be increased, wherever possible, by opening doors and/or windows

Create Workforce Bubbles

  • As a sole operator, I will be working alone
  • The photographer will not visit more than one home per day whether or not this is to photograph a client or visit friends or family